Mistress Annabel Berlin Bound 2017

Mistress Annabel Berlin Bound 2017. If you are interested in booking a BDSM fetish session in Berlin with Mistress, please send through a respectful email. There are a range of locations and options. Contact Mistress Annabel for exact dates.

A fully completed online questionnaire will be required in order to process your application for a realtime meeting. Mistress Annabel is both excited and interested in the rich tapestry that masochists, fetishists, and submissives can bring to each session.

Please note, Mistress Annabel DOES NOT provide: adult baby play, age-play, sexual intercourse, intimate body worship, smoking fetish, hard-sports, roman showers, protracted fantasy roleplay, animal play, or anything where the risk outweighs the reward of the session, and finally no illegal activities. Only those over the age of 21 years may apply to see Mistress Annabel.

Mistress Annabel Berlin Bound 2017. Mistress Annabel Rubber Queen will be in Berlin for a few days during the third week of September 2017.


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Mistress Annabel Berlin Bound 2017