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fetish sessions. Have you found yourself on a never-ending quest to find a perfect UK Mistress, understanding your fetishistic dreams decadent BDSM desires? Contact Mistress by filling in Her online questionnaire for a thrilling encounter with supreme attention to detail.

Have you got a fantasy that other Mistresses have failed to understand?

fetish sessions. Have you found yourself on a never-ending quest to find the perfect UK Mistress, who truly understands your fetishistic dreams and decadent BDSM desires.

With unrivalled attention to detail, and a skill set of a world-class Mistress, Mistress Annabel offers you bespoke sessions lasting from 1 hour to 3 days under her watchful control. Your encounters will never be scripted. Allow yourself to fall, allow yourself to submit and, moreover, allow yourself to luxuriate in the hedonistic fetishistic moments where space is lost and time has no meaning. Mistress Annabel wants you to enjoy the intimacy of a real human connection and mould you devoid of ego into one of her chosen subjects.

Extraordinary kinky encounters are guaranteed in exceptional surroundings. Mistress Annabel’s London Fetish Studio has been equipped way beyond your expectations!

Mistress Annabel’s private studio is fully-equipped, lavishly equipped beyond your expectations, yet discreetly nestled in one of London’s finest neighbourhoods. Many of the treatments and activities are way beyond those available from other UK Mistresses. Confidentiality and a zero-tolerance to filming or any type of media intrusion means that you stay at City Chambers will remain one of the most luxurious and high-end experiences of your life; one you will crave to repeat on an on-going basis.

Building a rapport, based on mutual respect and shared interests, allows you a safe-haven to explore all aspects of your sexual proclivities.

Mistress Annabel also believes knowledge is power! The more information given through the comprehensive online questionnaire, will provide a strong foundation for Mistress Annabel to build a bond to make your most ardent dreams and desires become reality.

Post-session feedback is paramount to Mistress Annabel. Mistress Annabel enjoys the process of the session sinking into your mind for you to savour, replaying the memory in your minds-eye, before sending feedback. As a world-class Mistress, honest communication is key to making the mutual experience as first-class and exciting as worldly possible. Beware of Mistresses that do not allow you express your feedback in an honest and controlled manner.

Extended sessions and those booked more than 3 weeks in advance require a deposit to be marked in the diary.

Every single new client must be spoken to on the telephone as part of the screening process before an appointment will be granted.

Remember, there are many many applicants but only a select few may be afforded the pleasure of an initial appointment and ongoing professional relationship with Mistress Annabel at City Chambers.

Late cancellation, non-confirmation of appointment, indiscretion, and discourtesy will result in you being refused future appointments. You have been warned!


Fees are appropriate for the quality and breath of bespoke treatments afforded to you by Mistress Annabel at Her private London studio. Everything is spotlessly clean and sterile and the three fully equipped rooms allow you to experience a wealth of treatments many unseen elsewhere in the UK. Lavish amounts have been spent to ensure everything is beyond your expectations! Mistress Annabel is a lover of complex and ingenious play and engaging both your body and mind in every scene She undertakes.

Fees are £250 per hour and extra treatments such as invasive medical treatments where sterile disposables are used or extreme breathplay will occur an addition charge. All fees are pro rata apart from long term bondage and couple’s play where fees will decrease to £180 per hour after the first two hours.

Couples training is £280 per hour and £180 per hour thereafter. Again, invasive treatments requiring pre packed sterile items or extreme breathplay will be charged accordingly. Mistress welcomes couples of all persuasions and is happy to accommodate novices, or those where one partner is more advanced in play than another. Interaction with other subs both male and female can be arranged.

Long term bondage weekends are shown on the news section of the websites under “Open when Closed”.

Mistress Annabel does not entertain non-fee-paying or private submissives, this is a strictly professional bespoke encounter and your discretion will be guaranteed.


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